Merkadia Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

  • What we do?

    We help companies to be data-oriented, making decisions more assertive and strategic. We assist in the entire process of data analysis, report and dashboard generation, the creation of predictive models and the optimization of decision-making. We transform data into useful information for the company, in order to improve efficiency, competitiveness and profitability

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  • Data extraction

    Acquisition of data from the most diverse sources (in the systems used by the company such as ERPs, CRMs, among others), through reports or even complex integrations.

  • Data structuring

    Organization of extracted data so that it can be used.

  • Creating Dashboards

    Identification of KPIs and generation of interactive reports with the data extracted and structured in the previous phases.


  • Much more than dashboards

    We have the expertise to identify key indicators (KPIs), cross-check ideal information for each business and transfer them to Dashboards.

  • Custom projects

    The projects are customized according to the needs of each client, with the possibility of development through Microsoft Power BI or its own platform developed for the needs of the project.

  • Extractions from the most diverse data sources

    The extractions can be carried out from the most diverse sources of data and by different methods, from simple reports to more complex integrations.

  • Centralized and scalable data structure

    By obtaining data from the most diverse sources, the information is centralized and organized to be used, making it possible to grow safely.

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