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May 10, 2023

How can data tell stories?

How can data tell stories?

The data generated by your business can tell you what happened. For example, imagine that sales of a specific product dropped in a particular month. But for what reason?

By exploring the data generated by your business and performing analysis, it can tell us what happened. As an example: the sales of a specific product dropped because five customers who used to buy them every month purchased less in that specific month.

This is also called Data Storytelling or Data Storytelling, which is the concept of building a compelling narrative based on data and analysis. It helps telling your story and informing it to a selected audience.

For example, when you present the team's performance for that month, or for a certain period, to your commercial team, you can create a more exciting narrative that catches the employees' attention and makes them understand the data easily.

You can use visual comparisons of periods, products, or sellers through graphs and organized information, as well as present the team with projections for the coming months and how each can act.


Accurate data can help you in decision making

Using Business Intelligence (BI) in your company will allow you to have a broader view of the business, quickly finding and analyzing information about what has already happened, what is happening, what can happen, and what actions should be taken to avoid or take advantage of these predictions.

In this way, you will make more accurate decisions and always rely on consistent and accurate information to discover relevant parameters for commercial results and answer fundamental questions of your business in real time.


How can we help you

Through Business Intelligence (BI) Consulting, we can help you take control of business indicators, evolve your company's maturity and improve the decision-making process. The implementation involves the project's entire development, from the extraction of accurate data from systems, spreadsheets, and indicators, to the construction of analytical reports and dynamic dashboards, which will bring all the information visually and facilitate analysis.

If you want to know how to take advantage of data in your company to make accurate decisions, contact us!

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